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Islamic and Western Cultures “Destined for Eternal Conflict,” Among Conclusions in Explosive New Book by Noted Scholar Mark Walia

FULLERTON, Calif., Jan. 3, 2011 – Muslims and Westerners “cannot live in harmony because they hold irreconcilable views on everything from the role of women to the purpose of human life itself,” is among the many provocative conclusions reached by religious scholar and historian Mark Walia, Ph.D., in his new, groundbreaking book, A Tale of Two Cultures: Islam and the West. MORE >

Five Conclusions from Dr. Mark Walia

1. Muslims and Westerners disagree about the very purpose of human existence. For the West’s increasingly secular inhabitants, the goal of life is to maximize material prosperity and happiness here on earth. But for Muslims, who still know beyond a shadow of doubt that Islam’s supernatural promises are true, the goal of life is to maximize the individual’s chances of attaining heaven and avoiding the fires of hell. MORE >

2. Western societies currently grant their citizens complete religious liberty and are determined to prevent discrimination and hostility toward religious minorities, particularly Muslims. On the other hand, Islamic societies place powerful limits on religious freedom and enforce a deliberate policy of discrimination against non-Muslim minorities, who live in constant fear of mob violence and/or death.

3. Muslims place enormous stress on virginity and the prevention of all extramarital sex, which they enforce through gender segregation and veiling of women. Consequently, they are shocked by the West’s current passion for unlimited sexual freedom, the so-called “hook-up culture” that views sex as a recreational activity. Indeed, nothing disgusts Muslims more than our scantily clad and sexually aggressive young women.

4. Recent Western efforts to bring sexual freedom for women and homosexuals to the Muslim world in the name of human rights are outraging and terrifying Muslims. They fear that such “feminist imperialism” and “gay imperialism” will annihilate their tight-knit families, then Islam itself, by unleashing a tidal wave of sexual chaos.

5. Contemporary Muslims and Westerners hold strikingly different perspectives on war, violence and peace. In fact, when discussing momentous topics like “innocent civilians,” “suicide bombing” and “terrorism,” the respective cultures employ definitions and assumptions so contrasting that civilized dialogue is almost impossible.